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Transportation Maintenance Operations Facility (TMO)

Date of completion: 2003

Description: The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) completed the construction of their Transportation Maintenance Facility (TMO) in Fall 2003. AEC was involved in the survey, civil design, and portions of the permitting for this project. The TMO facility proposed new construction to house the TTUSD Transportation Department Administration Facilities, enclosed parking for 6 to 14 school buses, a vehicle repair facility for the maintenance and repair of school buses and other District vehicles, and a Transportation Department refueling facility. Additionally, on site parking was provided for public parking with 17 standard stalls and two accessible stalls, employee parking with 74 standard stalls and one accessible stall, and outside parking for 40 standard 40' school buses. The AEC survey department provided base mapping for planning, civil design, and the construction staking for this project, as well as legal descriptions and exhibits to accommodate the lease of the land to TTUSD. This required research of title reports, deeds, existing easements, and assessor's maps.

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

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