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Date of completion: 2015

Complete design services for a sewer line repair in high altitude, over steep terrain where the sewer line is located up to 20 feet deep. Special attention was needed to ensure worker shoring and safety during construction. AEC completed Construction Phase services for the project.

Date of completion: 2010

This project was in coordination with the North Tahoe PUD Utility District, located within the Carnelian Bay and Tahoe Vista areas. AEC compiled a comprehensive list of the potential utility conflicts that could arise during construction of the Caltrans Erosion Control Project. AEC developed improvement plans for the relocation of gravity sewer systems and the water transmission pipelines. AEC also provided construction inspection services for the relocation of those facilities.

Date of completion: 2018

Complete design services for a water line interconnection between Tahoe Cedars Water System and McKinney Quail Water System (MQWS). In anticipation of TCPUD’s acquisition of the Tahoe Cedars Water System, the project increases the capacity and storage capable of delivering sufficient fire protection requirements to all areas of Tahoe Cedars for both districts. In addition to adding fire hydrants to meet current fire protection requirements, the project also improves water system operations by providing source redundancy.

Date of completion: 2014

The project includes the acquisition of the assets of the Lake Forest Water Company by the TCPUD, and the reconstruction of the water system within the Lake Forest Water Improvement District (LFWID) service area to meet Federal and State drinking water standards, as well as fire protection standards. The reconstruction project consisted of approximately 2,500 lineal feet (LF) of 10-inch pipe, 7,500 LF of 8-inch pipe, 600 LF of new 4-inch pipe, and 10,000 LF of small diameter and back-lot water mains. Water meters were installed with new service laterals to each customer, and 27 fire hydrants were installed within the right-of-way. The interconnection ties the new system to the existing TCPUD water supply and storage system, which surrounds the LFWID.

Date of completion: 2008

This project consisted of ground control and aerial mapping for over 2,200 acres of ranch land for planning of future wastewater conveyance and storage facilities. Deliverables included #D, 2D and DTM mapping files in AutoCAD format on a horizontal datum NAD83 and vertical datum NGVD29, as well as digital color ortho-photography at 0.25-foot pixel.AEC was contracted to map the project area consisting of 2,200 acres.

Date of completion: 2013

The project replaces an existing 2,500 LF small diameter tank line from the Four Season water tank to the Tahoe Woods Subdivision with 12″ tank line to provide fire flows that comply with the California Fire Code. The new line also provided electrical service to the water tank to enable the TCPUD to remotely monitor the water level inside the tank. Special considerations in this project include close coordination with the USFS. The water tank and waterlines are on USFS land acquired through the Burton Santini Act. A USFS Special Use Permit, including specific resources documentation and analysis as well as proper legal privilege was needed from the USFS and the Tahoe Woods Subdivision.

Date of completion: 2008

Construction of a replacement sewer pump station for the Grove Street Pump Station including the construction of a new Harbormaster building. This project included a new pump station and associated gravity sewer line, 305’ of 30” sewer line and 615’ of 6” dual force main connecting to an existing sewer main under SR 28.

Date of completion: 2015

The project included the replacement of the entire 36-inch sewer main pipeline as it crosses the Truckee River in Tahoe City, CA. AEC completed the surveying and base mapping required for design and permitting for the project. Survey services included topographic and boundary surveys, location of physical features in the Truckee River channel, and depiction of 100-year floodplain limits. Permits required for the project include a US Forest Service Special Use Permit, a California 401 Water Quality Certification and Basin Plan Exemption, a CA Department of Fish and Wildlife Streambed Alteration Agreement, and Caltrans Encroachment Permit for construction staging and access within the Caltrans Maintenance Yard.

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