This project was in coordination with the North Tahoe PUD Utility District, located within the Carnelian Bay and Tahoe Vista areas. AEC compiled a comprehensive list of the potential utility conflicts that could arise during construction of the Caltrans Erosion Control Project. AEC developed improvement plans for the relocation of gravity sewer systems and the water transmission pipelines. AEC also provided construction inspection services for the relocation of those facilities.

Date of completion: 2006

The USFS contracted with AEC to design this project to provide suitable access along 4 miles of historic but dilapidated railroad grade, to accommodate a Type III Forest Service fire engine. This would result in access for forest fuels reduction and emergency access for the Glenbrook area. The road design required a number of specific details for crossing wet or environmentally sensitive areas, and geocells were utilized to stabilize these areas. The roadbed was approximately 12-feet in width in natural terrain with over 30% existing cross slopes. This resulted in significant retaining wall designs in certain locations to support the roadbed. An alternative analysis was completed for the required retaining walls, design alternatives required approval from the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The AEC team prepared the roadway log, retaining wall design report, and plans and specifications for the project.

The project included constructing approximately 1,679 lineal feet (LF) of 8-inch waterline, 143 LF of 4-inch waterline, 532 LF of 2-inch waterline, 5 fire hydrants, and 23 water service laterals. The project was necessary to improve fire hydrant spacing and fire flow rates in conformance with California Fire Code 2010 within the McKinney Tract and the Placer County ROW. The project included approval from Caltrans for an open cut trench for installation of the waterline in Highway 89 right-of-way.

Date of completion: 2013

The project includes the acquisition of the assets of the Lake Forest Water Company by the TCPUD, and the reconstruction of the water system within the Lake Forest Water Improvement District (LFWID) service area to meet federal and State drinking water standards, as well as fire protection standards. The reconstruction project consists of approximately 2,500 lineal feet (LF) of 10-inch pipe, 7,500 LF of 8-inch pipe, and 600 lineal feet of new 4-inch pipe to be installed to replace the existing water system in the area. Water meters will be installed with new service laterals to each customer, and 27 fire hydrants will be installed within the roadway right-of-way. Fire hydrants will be spaced approximately every 400 feet as required by the California Fire Code (Fire Code) and the North Tahoe Fire Protection District (NTFPD). An interconnection would tie the new system to the existing TCPUD water supply and storage system, which surrounds the LFWID. Currently, TCPUD provides water service to approximately 3,910 customers within their existing service area. The TCPUD has adequate water supplies, storage and transmission to provide water service to the approximately 118 additional customers that would be added by the Project. Replacement of 10,000 LF of small diameter and back-lot water mains.

AEC completed aerial control surveys, coordination of aerial mapping products, and route surveys for the proposed realignment of Highway 89 south of Tahoe City.

This water quality project included construction of curb and gutter, storm drain facilities and relocation of existing utilities within Placer County roadways throughout the Kings Beach grid area.

Date of completion: 2016

The KBCCIP involves the redevelopment of the urban core of Kings Beach with curb and gutter, sidewalks, street furniture and stormwater quality improvements. In the conversion of the highway to three lanes, street parking must be moved from the side of the highway to separated parking lots. AEC planned, designed and permitted four separate public parking lots, approximately 20-30 spaces each. This task includes CEQA processing for three of the lots.

Date of completion: Fall 2012

AEC prepared a BMP work plan to improve/restore function of existing drainage, treatment and disposal systems as well as design additional facilities/treatment including drip line trenches, curbs, snow storage area, including revegetation and mulching. Review and evaluation of previous construction plans, and existing digital mapping resources were utilized to streamline this project and minimize costs.

The Jackpine Public Parking Facility, located in downtown Tahoe City provides parking for approximately 40 vehicles. AEC began this project with the Redevelopment Agency providing topographic and ALTA surveys of the site for acquisition purposes. Initial steps were then taken by AEC to evaluate the development potential of the site, including processing of site assessment […]

Date of completion: 2013

The project replaces the existing 2,500 LF small diameter tank line from the Four Season water tank to the Tahoe Woods Subdivision with 12" tank line to provide fire flows that comply with the California Fire Code. The new line will also provide electrical service to the water tank to enable the TCPUD to remotely monitor the water level inside the tank. Special considerations in this project include close coordination with the USFS. The water tank and waterlines are on USFS land acquired through the Burton Santini Act. A USFS Special Use Permit, including specific resources documentation and analysis as well as proper legal privilege is needed from the USFS and the Tahoe Woods Subdivision.