Truckee River Residential Redevelopment

Key staff: 
Project Manager - Walter R. Auerbach, P.E. Project Surveyor - Keith Masuda, P.E. , P.L.S. Project Engineer - Brian Clark, P.E.

AEC was contracted to assist with site redevelopment on a private residence located along the Truckee River. The site has many constraints associated with its location within the 100-year floodplain; onsite wetlands and drainage basin.

Services include:

  • Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board coordination to obtain a permit for general waste discharge under the General Waste Discharge Requirements for Small Construction Projects
  • Well Consultation/Permitting
  • Design Surveys and Mapping
  • Civil Design/Engineering including Grading and Storm Drainage Consultation
  • Offsite Sewer Plans/Permitting

Status: Completed 2012