Squaw Valley Village

Key staff: 
Walter R. Auerbach, P.E., Project Manager; Keith Masuda, P.E., P.L.S, Project Surveyor

Mr. Auerbach was Project Manager for civil design and infrastructure development for this destination resort development. AEC served as the team civil engineer and land surveyor for this 6-acre multi-family mixed use project. AEC prepared the project base maps, conducted utility surveys for relocation documents, prepared drainage analysis and reports in accordance with Placer County requirements, prepared final maps and condominium plans, and prepared construction documentation for roadways, drainage systems, and utility extensions/reinforcements. This was a complex multi-phase, multi-year development, coordinated with numerous regulatory agencies and utility providers.  AEC was the engineer of record for the entire project from preliminary planning and tentative maps, through to construction and project closeout.

Services included:

  • Boundary and topographic surveys
  • Civil design and cost estimating
  • Utility design and relocation coordination
  • Final Map
  • Drainage Analysis and Report
  • Entitlement processing
  • Construction staking
  • Construction phase services

Status: Completed 2004