Homewood Bike Trail Project

Dokken Engineering
Key staff: 
Project Manager - Walter R. Auerbach, P.E. Staff Engineer – Brian Clark, P.E. Project Surveyor - Keith Masuda, P.E., P.L.S Environmental Planner – Lydia Altick

The Homewood Bike Trail now connects two existing bike trail segments along SR 89 through Homewood. AEC was retained to provide topographic and design surveys, and regulatory permitting for this TRPA Environmental Improvement Project. Coordination with Placer County and Caltrans was required for existing plans and information developed as part of their erosion control projects in Homewood and on SR 89.

Services Included:  

  • Topographic and boundary survey/mapping
  • Boundary and right-of-way survey
  • Legal descriptions and plats
  • Base mapping and a digital terrain model in electronic format with 1’ contours, control points and topographic points
  • Environmental Services including all regulatory processing with TRPA and Placer County
  • Scenic Assessment

Status: Completed in 2016