Environmental Planning and Regulatory Processing

AEC staff provides over 50 years of expertise in navigating both the regulatory and environmental review processes associated with complex projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Often this process includes specific review and permitting by numerous agencies. AEC has assisted clients with the following processes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Constraint Analysis
  • CEQA/NEPA Preparation
  • TRPA Regulatory Processing
  • Agency Liaison
  • Assistance in Complex Regulatory/Political Settings
  • Community Participation/Facilitation
  • Placer County encroachment permits, major and minor use permits, design review, major and minor subdivisions
  • Zoning & General Plan Change Requests
  • US Army Corps of Engineers 404 and Nationwide Permits
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board Wetland Permits (Central Valley, 5S and Lahontan, 6SLT) 401 Water Quality Certifications
  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (CRWQCB) SMARTS website including Quarterly, Annual, and Final Report processing
  • US Forest Service Special Use Permits
  • California Tahoe Conservancy coverage transfer agreements
  • CA Deptartment of Fish & Wildlife Stream Alteration Permits
  • Caltrans Encroachment Permits
  • California State Lands Commission – amendments to lease agreements